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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
I think you are entitled to the information yes and she is being unreasonable by not providing, but you are also being unreasonable by asking over and over.

As for the emergency contact... I don't think there is a reason you have to be. I could understand you being the emergency contact if you lived in the same area, but seeing as you are hours away, how fast can you actually get there in an emergency? The point of an emergency contact is for the school, day care, whom ever to contact when they cannot reach the first contact (in your situation the mother). Would it not make more sense to have say her mother/father (that are clearly involved) as an emergency contact? What are you going to be able to do from over 400km away?

My bf was upset when he found out his ex made her sister an emergency contact for the children's school, I explained it to him the same way... we live over 2 hours away, plus with his work he travels to different towns/cities weekly... what good would we be in an emergency? Makes more sense to me to have someone who will be available in an emergency than someone who live further away.
If your child is in an accident, it's not so much that you can "do" anything, is it? If your child goes to the hospital or gets hurt, you want to know about it. If it was serious I would get on the next plane or jump in my car right away.

I certainly agree that someone who lives closer by should be a first call as an emergency contact. I totally agree that her grandparents are the logical choice for that. What I am trying to achieve here is that I would be notified in case of something that a parent should be notified about. Because she put her in a daycare without informing me, and other things like that, I don't have confidence that the ex or the inlaws would ever even tell me about an accident, reaction to a vaccination, problem with a classmate (when she is older). They just do not want me involved but I want to be involved in my child's life. I hope that makes sense