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Thanks Berner,

To be fair to myself, obviously I would never send a follow up email if I was given a proper response to the first one. I mean, the logic seems to go like this:

Judge: why won't you tell him about the daycare?

She: Because he asked me more than once

Judge: But why didn't you answer him in the first place, or disclose it in the first place?

She: Because I knew he would keep asking me if I didn't respond

I can totally understand that she would not want to jeopardize the relationship with the new caregiver. But being on an emergency contact list and speaking to this person about my child would not be causing trouble. I think it's my right as the parent. I don't have any of these issues with my other daughter's mother and never have. When it's serious, we discuss it. When it's minor (you can pick her up from the babysitter instead of my home on x date), we keep each other informed. I don't want to disrupt the arrangements with the caregiver ... are you suggesting I do nothing?

I agree with you, email is better and text messages are difficult to document. But she said she would reply in an email and is refusing to do so. I honestly don't know what "in due course" is supposed to mean... either I am entitled to the information or I am not.

I agree I should not have asked the ex what she meant by "relief". We had a lot of friendly text messages going back and forth with discussions about the logistics for this coming weekend. My mistake.

EDIT: And to be clear, this isn't a "babysitter" but a licensed and busy daycare. That's what she's told me so far.

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