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Just my initial thoughts....

Because I called and texted several times over the course of several days, the ex has alleged I am "harrassing" and "threatening"
That to me would be over bearing. The fact that you admit you have called and text several times is harassing. I do not think she is in the right for denying this information, however asking over and over and over again, she would have reason to restrict the way you communicate with her.

She: "You need to understand I cannot just reply to things from you via text message. Everything needs to be documented and go through my lawyer, because you twist my words and I don't trust you. Of course you will be notified about D2's daycare, in due course".
She is being smart... you are not... text messages are sometimes hard to use as evidence, you are more apt to get a response using email, or if she is willing to pay a lawyer, email the lawyer... it really is not that hard of request. The bold part above, is why she is refusing to answer your text messages and she has every right to refuse to answer text messages and/or phone calls... she is protecting herself (even if you don't feel she needs to)

"It is my client's intention to provide you with the information regarding D2's daycare in due course. Your conduct last week is of concern to my client. My client will continue to work on finding a solution to her concerns on this issue."
In my honest opinion, the reason she is NOT providing the contact information is because she does not want you to drag the babysitter into any drama. It is clear things are still not civil between you and her and if she has just hired this babysitter, she may not be willing to lose the babysitter because you will feel the need to contact the babysitter and potentially cause issues.

When I asked my ex via text message what this "relief" she was seeking was all about, she replied simply "restraining order". WTF.
Why would you contact her about this? If you receive a letter from the lawyer, respond to the lawyer, you are creating conflict by continuing to contact your ex via text message when she would rather you not.

I don't know if it's worth going to court over this daycare issue, or if she has any reasonable chance of a restraining order against me. I am definitely non-threatening, maybe overzealous, but I cannot see how she can freely offer me a 7 hour unsupervised visit in exchange for me being kept in the dark about the daycare. If I need a restraining order against someone, I am not voluntarily offering them expanded access with a girl who is less than two years old. Something isn't adding up here. What do you all think?
No there is no reason to go to court over this, unless you want to spend more money and increase conflict, just calm down and only make contact through her lawyer.

It has been said many times that just because a restraining order is on one parent, does not mean that parent is a bad parent, it simply means the two adults have issues. She doesn't want you harassing her my text and phone calls and her only way to get that "relief" is by a restraining order, or by you backing off and respecting her means of communication.