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Some advice: Don't use sarcasm before a judge. They don't find it "funny".

So when I say 'my step son is under emotional distress', you ask me if I am a health professional. As you are clearly commenting on what all judges ('they') will think, I think it is fair to ask, are you a judge? What is your background of study to comment on what all judges would find funny or not funny? You very frequently ask it of others, but continue to avoid the question yourself. It is somehow 'relevant' to you when you ask, but in your mind, not relevant to others.
Judges are human. In my limited experience in family court, and only by what my husband and his lawyer (who is a friend I know personally) tell me, judges laugh, lawyers and judges joke, yes, in court. No, its not all fun and games, but humor is used and accepted. My husband has always come home from court with a funny story of something the judge said or something the lawyer said to the judge. Judge laughed. No big deal.
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