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Default Getting rid of ex-husbands stuff

I know that there was some discussion about this recently but my situation is a little different. My divorce has been finalized for some time now (almost a year) and my ex-husband has yet to come get the rest of his things. He moved out earlier this year and I have talked to him several times about getting the rest of his stuff. I was told at least three dates on which he would come and pack up/take his stuff but that actually never happened. I have become desperate to get this over with because I really need the space and do not see it as fair that I store his things at my expense.

My SO said that I should give him a set date by which he must remove his things and then just toss the stuff if necessary. At the moment he is supposed to come this Sunday to get everything but I am doubtful. I am thinking of giving until the end of the month at such time I will remove anything that hasn't been picked up.

Our SA stated that we would split things as we saw fit and I have been holding onto a lot of things in case he needed them but this is getting ridiculous. I have started redecorating my apartment and am only just now throwing out things. Don't get me wrong, I have not thrown out anything that is unmistakably his, but I am getting rid of things that I would gladly give to him if he would just come and get it.

I guess I'm just wondering if this is reasonable. Please let me know your thoughts.