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[QUOTE=Tayken;112225]Proper outcome and application of the "best interests" rules as defined under the Children's Law Reform Act.

What jurisprudence (case law) and evidence based medicine does the OCL clinical investigator cite in support of their recommendation. If none, then it is easily defeated in court. See the case law I posted in another thread and other case law reviews in a variety of other threads.

Nothing at all. His report, in our opinion, was horrible. Our lawyer said it was one of the shortest, thoughless reports he had seen in his 15 years. Our lawyer said it makes no sense. He goes on about how both house holds are great, how child has great relationship with both parents and his step mom (me). Then, in the conclusion section, litterally just comes to the conclusion that child should live with mother and change schools.
His only agrument is to say that my hubby works shifts, and its not consistant for child, but then he also notes that hubby most often changes all his shifts so he is actually not even working when child is with us??? It really made no sense, and we were just shocked. Still are months later.
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