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Tayken, what about my case? I really want to know your opinion. And trust me, we educated ourselves a lot, which is why we were very surprised at the outcome. Also, part of the 'fear' you say people give into is based on constantly being threatened with a worse outcome and court costs! We felt we had every right to defend ourselves and push for 'status quo'. We gave numerous reasons why we felt it was in the child's best interest to stay 50/50 with both parents, or more with us do to his school being in our neighbourhood. My husband showed his last years work schedule and the literally dozens and dozens of shift changes he had made so that he was actually almost never, ever in the past year working while he child was in our care (the main complaint of his ex, which was totally untrue, and we proved it). None of this seemed to matter, or so we feel. So truely, I want people's opinions. What do think?
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