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It's nice, that you have come up with care for the children, while he goes on vacation, but I would simply stress to him, to figure this out. It's his vacation, without his kids, during his scheduled time with kids. It's his responsibility, to figure out care for the kids, if you really can't be available. Maybe let him know the days you are unable to provide/come up with care, and ask him to look into those days.

I've got similar demands from my ex. No-notice emails getting dropped on me, saying something to the effect of "I have plans, and I'm going away for a few days - you need to figure out babysitting while I'm gone".

Yeah right. Also from an ex, who doesn't work, or have any employment at all. I work full-time. I usually respond, saying "I'm able to care for child, during these times/evenings, if you are not able to, but you need to figure out daytime care for , if you are making yourself unavailable. Let me know what arrangements you come up with".