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Thanks Old Lawyer.

I just spent the night surfing the CanLii, and my moral is in the basement.
Facts do the case are:
A. Ex wife refused access to child before overseas deployment in 2004
B. Daughter sends me letter saying she no longer wants to see me or have access in Jul 2004
C. Made several attempts since then to contact daughter , no luck
D. Ex wife has moved and I have no address for her or daughter since 2004
E. Found wife's place of employment in 2011 and sent registered letter to her asking for proof daughter still lived at home, post secondary education, copies of receipts for,Section 7 expenses. Ex wife sends back note refusing information, but says daughter is still in post secondary education.
F. FRO sends letter to Ex in 2011 for termination of child support, ex,refuses
G. 2012 sent similar letter to place of employment. Daughter is now 20 and should have obtained 3 yr degree by now( no break)
H. FRO sends letter, same as 2011, Ex replies with No.

Asking the Court to terminate child support as no proof of education or residence has been provided.
Asking the Court to terminate clause in Order requiring me to carry $250k life insurance with daughter as sole beneficiary.
Asking the Court to have ex provide proof of Section 7 expenses or order her to pay back over payment.

I thought I had a case, but from what I have read, the courts do not seem to care if the child has estranged themselves and the mother is not complying with court orders.