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Default Child of the Marriage: Post-Secondary Education Disclosure

I would like to start off by saying thanks to all those who have provided me some excellent advice and served as a sounding board on several issues. To quote some of you “ this is a long road”.

I received some excellent news today from the Court Clerk at the Superior Court, they informed me that I can file the Motion to Change at the local Court, as opposed to having to travel 6 hours to/from Toronto to deal with the issues. Apparently, if the child is over 18, and the case is not regarding custody, it can be filed in the location where I reside. So looks like I can go ahead with my Motion to Change and terminate my child support

I have a few questions, on the next few steps:
  • I have completed Form 15 – Motion to Change, which was simple enough. I have used the same court file number which is on the existing order. Is that correct?
  • I have completed form 14B – Motion Form. It looks fairly simple, but I’m concerned about what to put in the motion box. From what I have read the following should work
“I am asking the court to make an order in to terminate Child Support effective XX XX XX in accordance with Form 15A dated XX XX XX which is filed with the court along with this motion?

Will this suffice?
  • I have completed Form 15 A – Change of Information. Relatively simple, and have checked off Para 17 – Termination. Is that all?
  • Do I need to file a form 13 – Financial Statement with this Motion?
My next question is when and where to I file or submit the supporting documents (letters requesting information on child, Ex’s responses, Letters from FRO indicating she will not agree to terminate Child Support) as well as the case law I have been provided with? When and how do I go about doing this?
Thanks again