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Holy cow...we all hide behind ananymity to some certain degree but I guess this is a lesson learned for all. WOW
This situation is the same as the threads on this forum regarding other public forum materials...such as facebook, twitter.

You should be careful what you post and always assume anyone/everyone can read it. However in this particular case, its absolutely fine for WD to ask for online advice in his divorce situation. At any time, if his ex felt harrassed or threatened...she was under no obligation to be here or to make fallacious posts in an obvious attempt to inflame WD. I find it highly amusing that she tries to imply that he damaged her "online forum credibility." First of all, she did that all by herself...secondly, who cares? Why on earth is her Ottawa Divorce Forum reputation important..especially to a judge dealing with custody/access issues?

I think you're right, however, that it is a reminder that one should be cautious in such an environment. Especially in regard to the person with the mental state that WD is dealing with.