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Its hard to understand the relevance of this forum to her motion...since obviously we can't read the whole motion (and I have a feeling that even if we could, there wouldn't be much relevance). I'm going to assume that she's suggesting that you're harrassing her in some way and in addition, that due to her credibility here being damaged, you caused her (and your child) some harm.

If that is the case, it is such a ridiculous and insane leap...its hard to understand what to do..and may be very dependent on the judge you get. In my opinion, any rational judge is going to ignore most of this...maybe after clarifying her assumptions to humour her...and its going to reflect badly on her state of mind overall. However, strange things happen in family court.

This is a public discussion forum. She is under no obligation to be here or engage anyone here. She willingly comes here...she willingly is deceptive about her personal situation in order to get attention and obviously irritate you. Its impossible to argue harrassment when she openly initiates and perpetuates the online contact.

That being said...because its in your must respond. Other posters may have better advice but having dealt with a lot of affidavits full of advice is to keep the response brief and succinct. What the forum is...why you come here...a brief paragraph about her behavior and involvement (attaching her bizarre, fallacious posts to illustrate how odd she is)...its irrelevance in regards to the issues you're working on in family court.

She is free not to come to the forum at any point. I honestly cannot imagine any judge reading that crap and taking it very seriously. Its just nonsense. I suppose its possible that a judge might caution you on revealing personal details of hers online...but you haven't really done that. And in reality, in divorce situations...there's often one party running around lying to anyone and everyone that will listen....they rarely get called on slander/harrassment charges.

Although I know this is serious to you because you have to respond to it and deal with it...but surely you must be just laughing at the insanity of her putting this in a motion.

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