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30. Respondent got so many advised on forum, that Applicant credibility is shot, that he gained big confidence in what he is doing. Respondent thinks that he is allowed to bring to court anything without actual prove, as court will not belief Applicant anyway.

31. What Respondent did not get that "previous credibility should not hunt Applicant forever".
By the way, Point 31 here is interesting.

It sounds like she is trying to convince the judge to ignore her credibility issues with regard to previous testimony. I find that highly amusing. The continuing record exists for a reason and it definitely will "hunt" her for the remainder of her time in family court if she has a history of deception.

Did she write this response herself? Its so badly articulated and so ill-advised, I would guess that she did. I feel sorry for any judge having to deal with this type of litigant.