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Extremely extremely amusing.

Personally, I'd submit a short reponse in my application reponse and ignore it in court. Most likely, so will the judge. I'm confused as to relevance here? She's trying to suggest that the court shouldn't listen to any of your evidence because you allegedly paid someone for something? What on earth is she talking about? How does that have anything to do with the issues you're trying to get resolved in court?

What she wrote is even difficult to read...its very incoherent. The only reason I can make any sense out of it is because I read the forum. A judge will probably be totally confused. I'm not sure how you'd get through that story in court and it certainly isn't relevant aside from further illustrating the mental instability of the person you're dealing with.

However, you may not want to ignore it completely in case it does come up for some reason. I would simply attach some of her posts regarding her multiple children with fake fathers, dogs in bedroom, etc. Also attach any evidence you have regarding her or the library's IP addresses to confirm her identity. Again, its nonsensical, bizarre material to attach but in case it comes up, it may show how odd and disturbed she is. Otherwise, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you posting here to request advice. Its basically no different from anyone asking advice for their divorce anywhere. You are free to discuss what you like.

If she is upset because her lack of credibility has been caught on a public forum, that's hardly anything that you are responsible for. Perhaps she should stop making up stories online.

Honestly what a lunatic...and what a colossal waste of court time.