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Default It's OFFICIAL: Ottawa divorce forum now on court papers.

Hello All

I went to court house last week to pick up better copies of all endorsement for my trial record. To my surprise I did find another motion and affidavit of Applicant which were filled with a court on Sep 7, 2012 which I had no idea that exists.

Obviously I was not served with it (or may be more correct way to say - as of today I did not received it ). So I made a copy (only affidavit part without exhibits)

It mostly the same stuff (except restrain order and press charges for obstruction of justice) but now Ottawa Divorce forum is officially on the record. There is whole section about it actually.

Ottawa Divorce Forum

24. Respondent constantly trash Applicant thru that website, he issues each move of matter involving Applicant. Applicant asked on numerous occasions to stop, but Respondent does not listen. ( Exhibit A )

25. In Respondent tread "Where are we and where we are heading" Respondent wrote following: "... She requested from Google to delete it (yes I know that it's not how its works blink)." ... I have so much to cover in trial that I am not sure it will be shorter than previous one"( Exhibit A) That is another prove, that Respondent wants/plan to prolong issue/take more time. He also says trial, not oral hearing.

26. Next posts from same tread of Respondent are ' ... her position now is hey Google did not prove that is me so it's not me - that not how its work as I know (I hope at least)', ' ... that would be even better to have during trial, but I have something else smile'. ( Exhibit A )

27. Based on last post we can see that Respondent is planning 'new evidence to show'. That brings us to new tread' KIJIJI or not KIJIJI ( Exhibit A )

28. In that tread Respondent is asking people, who bought anything from Applicant, attaching applicant email on public forum and some rewards. Than he saying that he will do same thro kijiji. He was even lauphing there "... can you imagine argument in court Appl: your Honor he paid $100 bucks to each of those 27 individuals ..." ( Exhibit A )

29. Another prove of Respondent prolonging issue is planning to ask another disclosure. ( Exhibit C)

30. Respondent got so many advised on forum, that Applicant credibility is shot, that he gained big confidence in what he is doing. Respondent thinks that he is allowed to bring to court anything without actual prove, as court will not belief Applicant anyway.

31. What Respondent did not get that "previous credibility should not hunt Applicant forever".

32. This is very serious accusation, but yet there no secondary prove to support Respondent evidence.

33. Applicant and child were both "punished" just on base of some unproven accusations


22. After questioning Respondent posted on "Ottawa divorce forum" (which Respondent is using to trash Applicant and talk about his case) in his thread l "4, 5 hours on discovery" (Exhibit A)" ... I have to pay for that circus", "every donor of 100 will have scanned PDF and every donor of 500 will have audio recording in addition?"

23. If Respondent is saying on public forum such things, he should not be trusted with recording in court, as he might "sell" this too.
Since a lot of people can actually see what was posted and what discussion were about on thous tread and now see how it presented in affidavit you may see what I am dealing with.

Any advice? Should I even bring it up to Judge's attention or just ignore it?

I do not think that I should worry about what I post on a forum as it all public record anyway and there is no publication ban but still kind of made me think how we are even argue that in court before she admit that she is storm/confusedmommy ?


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