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I know nothing about the OCL firsthand, but I do have experience with uphill battles and beating the 'odds' in a few instances! Congratulations, as it's always good to hear that these victories DO occur. Gives others hope. The OCL from what little I do know, is far from perfect and a focused, fact based opposition can indeed overturn their expert analysis/opinions.

Class Action Lawsuits are rather tricky, but also not out of the question. Chances are, you may have to simply take great satisfaction with your personal "win" but it is worth exploring your options, if you believe you have some.

Who oversees the OCL? Is it the LSUC? If it is, they 'concern' themselves (if you want to call it that) with *misconduct,* but NOT negligence. Seems there's a pretty wide berth they give to Solicitors when it comes to negligence.

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