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Do your homework before going further into prospective divorce ! Don't underestimate the financial devastation that can result from it which can literally screw up your life ! I'm not being melodramatic my friend.

Despite what some "recipients" may think, the system is unfair to the higher wage earner explicitly and men in "subtle" ways ! The fact that you have young children and she is currently stay at home mom isn't good from your perspective !

Be warned that even if things start out "amicably" the odds are VERY high that once lawyers get involved (its next to impossible to have a somewhat binding deal without them) they will escalate tensions which in turn makes things turn very nasty very fast.

It's too late now but you should have gone with your first instinct my friend and stayed single !!! I wish I had !!!!!!!

Most guys on here can likely guarantee you'll get screwed over somehow, the trick is to try and minimize the damage both in amount and duration.

I'm being punished big time for a long time for the horrible crime of marrying someone who earned significantly less than me. At least it sounds like she had a job/career and earned similar money to you ? That might save you from getting wiped out but don't count on it.

Get DETAILED info from a GOOD lawyer and make your choice then. don't go on what "friends" "think" !!!

It can get very complicated. Good luck and I'm sorry you didn't go with your first instinct to stay single (I made the same mistake lol !