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Unhappy Interim Agreement/Access Issue

I was currently faced with the same issues. My three childeren were present when my x flipped out on me. I was at his(our matrimonial) home to pick them kids up for a mid week visit when he started yelling at me. I remained calm and when I took the kids home with me, I apolojized for his behavior. It was then that the kids told me they didn't want to go back to their dads. I was then told by my lawyer to call a thrid party in. I called a family resource worker over to ask the kids what they wanted. She then listened to them and then was instructed to call my x to explain what impact his actions had on the kids. Unfortunately, the kids had to go back to his home the next day. I had no right to keep them. I had to force them to go back with him. I guess I should mention that my x and I have an interim agreement that the children spend 2 weeks with him then 2 weeks with me. I am not in agreeance with this however I felt I had no option but to agree. We have been at this for 9 months. The only option I feel I have is to go to court.
But in the meantime 2 of the 3 children are asking me if they can run away to my home. My lawyer says it would look bad on his part if the children walked out of his home to be me but I am afraid that I would start the visious cycle again and only be forced to take them back to him.
Has anyone else experienced this?